A New Way to Save Money in Your Paycheck!

There is a old saying that goes like this: “There are two certain thing’s in life…..Death and Taxes.”–Benjamin Franklin.  Now with that quote stated, let us talk about how this affects us in the real world society.  Ever since your first job at age 16, if you worked in the U.S., you have always seen these words on your pay stub: Federal, State, Local, FICA, Medicare, SSI. These are the words that everyone hates reading, each and every time they get a paycheck or direct deposit from your employer, who really pays you less for what your job is actually worth.  Even if you make over $250,000 a year, you should be getting at least an extra 30%-50% more in your salary.  This also holds true to how much one should be able to NOT PAY to the I.R.S. as hard working people pay more than what they should be ACTUALLY PAYING to the GOVERNMENT!

What is even more astonishing, is the FACT that over 67% of ALL RETIREES IN THE UNITED STATES, RETIRE BROKE! When these retirees, pay their monthly expenses, they usually are BROKE BEFORE THEY FINISH PAYING THEIR BILLS!  In essence, many individuals of all races, and financial walks of life, end up having to be a greeter at Walmart or be a head cashier at McDonald’s.  Now what if I was to tell you that this CURRENT 67%, could have SAVED MORE MONEY by NOT PAYING THEIR TAXES that they have paid throughout their lifetime.  I already know what you are thinking at this point, which is:” It’s the law to pay taxes! You can’t break the law!”  Well, you are SOMEWHAT CORRECT but trust me, the law, requires you to FILE A RETURN, AND NOT PAY!

The key is the DIFFERENCE between FILE and PAY! You see, if you could practice capitalism the correct way, you would be able to almost get a 100% return on anything that you have earned through working a job or even running your own business.  Imagine if you are just working for federal minimum wage right now and you could get 90% to even 100% of your net income when you receive your paycheck or deposit on payday! Imagine you running a small business and pretty much writing off all of your inventory legally and seeing profits in the process!  The key to obtaining this type of information is to first get involved with your own life change! Never be afraid, to ask questions to those who present information that claims it could change your life.

The main thing to remember, is to ask the person or organization, outside of the cost and requirements of what is being presented, is this:”How can this product/service change my situation RIGHT NOW WITHOUT expensive monthly fees and up sells?”  The successful candidate individual or business, should be able to offer you something that can actually benefit you right away as opposed to a “two to five year plan” or after you up sell up to the highest level of the organization or group.  Also, when you are obtaining information on changing your lifestyle by entering into a business or employment opportunity, you should always be able to be comfortable and confident in what you patronize, if your choice is to make an investment with them.


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