Obtaining Knowledge In A Unique Way To Earn Cash Back! Discussion 1 of 3.

The many name brand stores which offers 365 days per year cash back savings, that you can have access to for free!

In 2015, if I had just one dollar for every television commercial I have seen for get “cash back on purchases”, I would not have to ever write a blog or lead a discussion about any subject online.  Now I have personally used these types of offers for quite some time, and depending on who you have your cash back offers with, will determine how effective the receiving of the cash back will impact both your spending and your savings.



Millions of shoppers on and off line, depend on these benefits, to offset inflation and take advantage of sales which already offer the consumer a discount on the item or service that is wanted.  If you research hard enough, you can find both online and offline sites and stores, which offer their members cash back offers and perks which will help one save money and help establish a unique relationship between merchant and consumer.

Now those who are savvy about cash back offers, actually create strategies, which turn into profit making campaigns, within a given amount of time.  There are those wise shoppers, which use the cash back systems available to them to create streams of extra income and even small businesses, which can turn profits and help others achieve life long goals and ambitions.


Famous Actor and Face of Capital One’s cash back on all purchases benefit Samuel L. Jackson which is intended for qualified applicants and members.

One cool thing about the site I contribute to, is that there is the possibility for one, to not only receive cash back benefits, but to also save you the shopping consumer, a significant amount of money over time. The potential is present, to help that same person, create a career, of making a new stream of income, which will help others like themselves, save money on online and at traditional stores and services in the shoppers immediate home area.

I want to use this particular platform to find out, how you the reader, find cash back savings in the form of credit/debit cards and store membership savings at your favorite mall or business district.  I personally, have access to hundreds of major store brands and can collect up to 30% cash back at any given time from all of them.  This can be anything from a washing machine to a fishing rod and reel.  Each time I spend, I receive a deposit each month for all of the purchases that I made at various merchants both online and traditional walk in store transactions.


Now I don’t get checks for $20,000 per month, however, A few hundred dollars here and there, really comes in handy at times when you least expect it.  That is one of the cool advantages cash back offers give you when you are looking for extra funding in between paychecks or deposits from your business.  One of the down sides of cash back offers, if any, would be the time one would have to wait to see a payment from a purchase.

Don’t expect stacks of Euros, in the beginning stages of creating a financial stream, based on cash back and discounts.

I collect rebates on items all the time, and when I read the fine print, it always seem to say: “Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive your rebate.” or something to that nature.  Then when you finally receive your rebate check in the mail, it is the $5.oo that the company promised you.  These types of situations, only seem to benefit those who buy in frequency, or in bulk, different products, because many rebates limit how many credits you can receive on a given product or service.

Another small difficulty I find bothering fellow shoppers and consumers, is the fact that while they may have some form of credit line, from a major bank or money lender, their card does not offer cash back on purchases as those types of credit cards, require a good credit score to obtain.

This is a problem that I have faced until recently, when I conducted some very interesting research, with some unique discoveries along the way.

The first thing that I brainstormed about was: “How can I obtain real cash back offers, without using a cash back credit card?”  So I used the power of search engines, to find not necessarily cash back websites, but how to actually “market” products that I can buy from myself, generating a “kick back” on how much I spend.  On the other side of things, I can “sell” those same products to others who desire the same thing as I do, for a commission.  There are actually some creative ways, a frugal shopper can see a multitude of cash flow, entering their checking or pay pal account on a regular basis.

Another interesting item of knowledge I can share with you, is that you do not have to pay any membership fees or provide immediate billing information to become actively involved with cash back shopping.  In time, I have found literally thousands of name brand manufacture items and services that offer cash back bonuses 365 days per year!  This means, that I do not have to wait for a particular season, to get a good discount on something that I want to purchase at that moment in time.

Here is one of the most popular name brand stores in the outdoor adventure niche, offering up to 2.5% everyday of the week.

Bass Pro Shops, comes to mind this time of year, as the “big fish” are getting ready to move to their winter waters within the Great Lakes State Region, of my state.

At this particular time, I can get up to 2.5%cash back from them at any given time, along with listings for other sales items outside fishing rods and reels, such as men’s clothing and even listings for what they have in their clearance section. The convenient thing about this particular place on the web, is that I don’t need a cash back or business credit card to obtain a 30 day return on my purchase.


Another neat continuous cash back site that I was able to find is Advanced Auto Parts.

A nice solid 4% anytime at Advance Auto Parts with tons of extra discounts!

Because of my “affiliations”, I can get back a solid 4% cash back along with frequent coupon offers that allow the customer to discount their purchase even more!  For example, during the time of the publishing of this blog, there is an offer for 4% cash back and a coupon to take off an additional 15% off of your order and is good only thru 10/10/15.

These coupons are always being replaced by other special offer coupons and therefore, it only makes sense, to use this avenue to purchase my auto parts for my vehicle repair needs.  Now just going directly into Advanced Auto and just using my key chain membership card, will only go so far as parts for a car, truck, or SUV, can be quite costly.


Another big deal to those who look for consistent discounts, are restaurants and what they have to offer in the form of coupons and discounts to save money on your next meal with your significant other, hot date, or gathering with friends.

A consistent 7.5% at thousands of restaurants in the U.S. which will allow even our visitors from other countries, the opportunity to eat good and cheap!

There is a popular site called restaurants.com, which offer its members all kinds of crazy deals on literally thousands of restaurants across the U.S.!

Now the difference between the average online restaurant warrior and myself, is that when you go to this cool website as the warrior, you sign up for free and receive whatever the site offers those who come into that particular URL portal.

Then there are those going out to eat guru’s like myself who can get a total of 83% savings which equates up to about $15 daily, each time I use restaurants..com to purchase my next meal.

The mindset I am trying to present here in this moment, is to show that it is not about how much you can save or get back, but the fact that in order to get the most out of shopping, you must have “an inside hookup” in order to get the most out of your spending endeavors which shopping equates to spending money you either have or don’t have but spend anyway.

Someone like yourself, found your way to this site today, perhaps looking for a way to “maximize both their savings” and obtain, “a stream of cash back refunds without a credit/debit card account”.

The one thing that I pride myself in, is the fact that I have always wanted to help my fellow woman or man in the human family, with whatever problem I see at the moment with their life situation.  While I will never have all the answers, if any on a particular subject or situation, I can at least admit, that I attempt to make a diligent effort to do a little research, for or with the individual or group, to come up with the best possible solutions to a problem.

In my next post of this series, I will go more into detail on what an actual online cashback shopping spree consists of and how it has the potential, to provide a “constant stream of income, 365 days per year” for themselves and their respective families, friends and others that one associates themselves with in everyday life.

Happy Cash Back and Savings Both Online and Traditionally Shopping Warriors!






  1. Hello

    Love your site! This is great information that anyone can use and find helpful.

    I am a huge advocate of coupons, cash back offers, reward cards, pretty much anything that will save me money. Let’s face it, everything is overpriced these days so saving something is always better than nothing and really does add up over time.

    Out of curiosity, do you have any top contenders for credit card cash back offers?

    I look forward to following your site for future savings. Thanks for sharing :).

    1. Author

      Hello Kellie. Your thoughtful and exciting comments, have really confirmed that I am on the correct path on success. My Top 2 cash back credit cards at the moment, is Capital One and Credit One Bank, in that order. The image of Samuel L Jackson, is a “free unaffiliated link” that takes you to that site.

      They are advertising at the moment, 1.5% unlimited cash back for all purchases. If one was to use it with the “mother site” I am promoting, they could literally “rake in the cash”.

      Thank you so much Kellie, and remember to bookmark our site, for future blogs and disscussion.

  2. Very nice and simple site. I can easily make myself through it, I would however ad more backlinks to pages that link to your home page though. As for the theme, I like it but the green and blue colors clash too much, maybe try 2 shades of blue or 2 shades of green. More importantly keep up the good work.

    1. Author

      I was wondering about how some individuals web surfing would respond to the “weird color combination” lol!

      By this being a new site being created, It’s my initial goal, to solely focus on content and quality. Those that are really serious about signing up now, can go to the “About this website” page to get started. I based this on “network affiliate training” that we both have access too. I am however, adding other types of back links to other sites related to whatever we discuss here.

      The clashing colors theme, came from an actual shirt that I have with similar colors and actually attempts to “serve a different purpose” which I will explain at some point in the future within our network. Eventually, I will change up color schemes and perhaps even themes as this is the first major theme published by our group.

  3. Hello,

    An interesting site, especially since I know little about cash back / rewards. It is refreshing to see that some of these programs are actually legitimate and not “scams”. The key seems to be in knowing where to look, which this site helps out. The “30%” cash back really jumped out at me – that is significant, especially if one is just going about their normal spending habits. I wonder how much money I have missed out on over the years. I would like to check in again and see more about these inside connections for the big ticket cash back returns that you discuss. Great intro on cash back programs.

    Thanks for the insights,

    1. Author

      I thank you so much for the insight about what we are attempting to accomplish here. Bookmark us!

      Whenever you want to get started receiving these absolutely free benefits, simply go to the “About this Website” page and fill out the simple form. You will receive an email(within 24 hrs max) with the link to sign up with our affiliated parent company.

      From there, the more involved you become, the more you will see the power of what you are missing out on.

      Visit anytime!

  4. Thank you for this website. I look forward to perusing it more and reading the next two discussion on getting credit cards with cashback bonuses. I have one that it is from Bank of America – I can earn cash back bonuses from them. I am looking for a good credit card that is a rewards credit card to help save money that way as well. Do you have recommendations on where I can find those types of credit cards?

    I have used restaurant dot com before and it is a great way to save money. I also love using groupons — that is another way I like saving money.

    Great site and thank you for sharing your advice.

    1. Author

      Hello once again Steph. I really put in a lot of thought into how to compete with other coupon sites. When this one was created, it was on the basis that it could offer more than just coupons.

      What makes our main affiliate site unique, is that it offers cash back 365 days per year without a credit/debit card program. Also sign up is 100% free.

      When you use restaurant.com through our site, you get 7.5% cash back plus any other additional discounts at the time you log on.

      Credit One Bank, has a good rewards program and offers cash back on certain purchases. The one to get if you don’t have it already is Capital One as they offer 1.5% unlimited on all purchases.

      Use these with our site, and you will have the potential to receive huge cash back checks, every month!

      Please stay in touch Steph!

  5. Thanks on your marvelous posting! I certainly enjoyed reading it, you could be a great author.
    I will be sure to bookmark your blog and may come back very soon. I want to encourage continue your great posts, have a
    nice holiday weekend!

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