Obtaining Knowledge In A Unique Way To Earn Cash Back. Discussion 3 of 3.

In our last article, we discussed how a typical online shopping day is spent at home.  Just like anyone with internet access, on the planet, I purchased just a few items, within a half of a morning and afternoon, on a particular Tuesday, which I could recall from memory and receipts.  During that same week, my green tea supply was on E, so I did some Google search engine research, and found an interesting brand from a company called Aloe Gano Cafe.  The site advertising the green tea product, had a real nice, clean look to it and it was easy to navigate through.  Yes, you can buy gourmet consumable, quality products, from online shopping as well.  The site even sold a product call Daily Ultimate, a liquid vitamin and in turn, added a 32 ounce, bottle to my shopping cart.  Oh by the way, what I am talking about now, would not be complete without telling you that I spent a total of $78.94 @ $8 cash back in my free checking account.

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Before I knew it, I had spent an excess of about $2372.85 in less than one week. The nice thing about this experience, was that many of the items bought at the major shopping outlets, like the television, was available for immediate pick up from a multitude of Walmart stores, in my area. All I would be required to do, was to decide when it was convenient for me, to pick up my new television along with some of the other items we listed earlier. In terms of the multi vitamins and green tea, these items were shipped to my house within a few days, which showed that the vendor makes great efforts to distribute their high quality products. The best thing about ordering these high quality health and liquid products is that the company pays for shipping and handling, which is a big plus in savings to anyone who shops online. Purchasing online definitely has its benefits and advantages.

It seems as though everyone these days, have a .com, .net or .org with something to sell you other than what you actually need to become totally debt free and financially successful. If I had a $1 for every single website that I have come across while internet browsing, I could literally open several of my own banks and trusts without the assistance of any greedy investors. And if .05 cents was paid for every email that have received from the thousands of “sign up for our newsletter” capture pages that I have come across, throughout my technical and computer literate background, I would be able to buy several islands in the south pacific with enough spare change, to still open up the several banks in the first example.

While being paid .05 cents does not sound like much to the majority, it is the way of life for many savvy business owners and smart, frugal shoppers. Weather you realize it or not, small insignificant payments can add up to a lifetime of stable income and lead to generational wealth.
Let us place this scenario into play, on the subject of “small profits” vs “large profits”.

Let’s say that someone walked up to you, and presented to you the opportunity of a lifetime, in the form of setting you up with your own business venture. In this situation, the person doing this for you gives you two options for generating your profits.

The first option presented to you, is that you may make $5.oo for every unit that sold from your newly created company. So you may say to yourself, “That’s fantastic! It means that I can make $50,000 per year, or even monthly, if I sell 10,000 units.” Now enters into the conversation, that second option which causes most to “raise an eyebrow”, and wonder, what was it,  you just thought your ears heard.

Your other choice of how you get paid, consists of you making a profit on sales to your customers, or even supplies and other miscellaneous items, which you purchase for the daily operations of your company, in the form of small percentages which are commissions and “cash back”,  or spendable cash. The percentages range from 2%-4%, of the amount of the products, services and business supplies for sale.

This would basically mean, that if you sold a unit at $145.00 @ 2%, you would only make $2.90 cents in profit. Many readers of this post, would most likely choose the first option based on, the fact that you receive a steady and solid $5.oo per unit. It actually makes sense to choose option one when you look at it from the surface. You are generating a steady $5,000 per 1000 sales of your “high in demand products and services”. It seems that too many times in life however, we all overlook and eventually are surpassed by the hindsight of the other option, which would have been the better choice in the long run.
Remember in option 2, the opportunity is present for you to make profits off of both sales to customers, and the purchases of business supplies ,and even inventory for, the day to day operations of the business or services to the public. The commission within business plan 2, is a variable percentage, which can be deceiving in looks but yet powerful in philosophy.

If we take the same $145.00 item and added the maximum percentage of 4%, we would now generate a profit of approximately $5.80 which is .80 cents more than proposal 1 which was a flat rate. You can also take the same 2%, and make a much larger commission, with just a slightly more expensive item or service. You can offer, your customers, who need a specific service or product, that your company provides, a sales price of $255.00, for example. This will give you a gross profit of $5.20 which is .20 cents more than proposal one. In proposal one, it can be a product such as a love seat which sells for $500 brand new, and you only will get $5.oo for your efforts. At the two percent commission rate however, we can make a cool $10, for the same sale!  If the truth is present here, I can honestly ask the jury, to accept both businesses one and two, to work together as one.  When you think about it, two or more is better than one.

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At some point, we will show you how to burn multiple candles, without getting burned.

The cash back opportunites, which are available to everyone who shops online, gives you the ability, to receive a check or direct deposit, on a consistent basis.  There are those out there, in online shopping land, that generate thousands of dollars per month, just off of online cash back sales!  When you find internet businesses, which offers its clients, free memberships, to exclusive cash flow strategies, you need to take advantage of them. While many internet companies and entrepreneurs, try to sell you overpriced ways to reach your financial dreams, there are those businesses and financial groups, which understand the philosophy of, “it is better to give than to receive.”

This train of thought, goes beyond a price reduction, or a coupon discount.  It is the foundation, in which real life generational wealth, is created from.  When you offer the consumer what they want, and not what you think they need, it is like “printing your own spendable, paper money!”  The way that many online shoppers can achieve this, is by simply adjusting the way that they shop and more importantly, where to accomplish this at.  If you make purchases three days per week through our sites for example, you would begin to see deposits in your account, 90-100 days after your initial purchase, three days per week, or twelve times per month. Now combine that with the ability, to earn cash back rewards, for referring people like your family and others you know, every time they shop FOR FREE!

Many savvy online marketers, use various methods to generate new customers, from the general public and make fortunes with this type of internet service.  Now for the first time, you have an opportunity to receive the same cash back reward privileges, that major banks and credit card companies, offer their clients, with NO CREDIT CHECK OR CASH BACK CREDIT/DEBIT CARD NEEDED!

We want to continue to serve you, by offering you, unbiased, down to earth information which will help our audience, become more informed, on how a cashback reward, actually works. It is also the goal of this site, to offer you the best of what you want in products and services which fit around your shopping and financial needs, without the high cost of investment.  There are many outlets available to online shopping and entrepreneurial success and at the moment you are in, this is one of  those outlets.

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