How to Avoid A Tax Audit For The 2016 Tax Season!

Taxpayers, are in the home stretch of tax season 2016, in the United States.  Everyone who has not filed yet, are doing so, because of the many deductions through tax exemptions, in which the IRS allow qualified filers.  The major issue that plagues many individuals and businesses, is that sometime after April 15th, some become concerned, that they may become the target of an IRS Tax Audit.

No one knows when the Department of Treasury, will assign, one of its audit agents, to your income tax file.

Sometimes, the audit takes place a few weeks after the deadline.  Other times, it can take place years and even decades, after the initial red flag, which the Internal Revenue Service deems necessary, to pin on your account with them.  Many high end salary people and business, throughout history, have been audited years after they have reach financial freedom and success.  In turn, some of these clients of the Internal Revenue Service, lose everything that they have worked so hard to obtain.  Many others, manage to escape with owning their return back to the IRS.

Small businesses and Large families which depend on these refund checks, are now without their hard earned money.  Keep in mind that 12 months, is a long time to go without extra money, your money.  Here at The Free Printable Coupon Resource Center, we provide visitors with free articles and videos which caters to subjects, related with the shopping economy.

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The following video by, provides a series of information on tax audits and explains some of the philosophies behind a US IRS tax audit.

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2016 Tax Audit Article and Video



  1. Even though I’m not from the U.S, I like the information presented on this article. I think that several points raised here can be applied to other countries. The last thing small business owners need is to be audited. With that said, if you have nothing to be afraid of, then I guess there’s nothing for you to fear either, haha. Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Author

      Thank you for the kind words Mr Pianoforte. To be quite honest with you, it is quite possible, for you to exercise your entrepreneurial skills with this type of information. These types of articles are a part of a growing system
      of business partners, who specialize with US Income Tax information. Visit this site and watch the opportunity video here:

      I would love to hear back from you Piano and know what country you represent!

  2. Hey W Sanders,
    I never paid taxes before so I never bothered learning about them but I just recently graduated so I think its high time I started paying more attention to them.

    I have heard a lot of news of how devastating taxes can be for people financially. So glad I came across this article, exactly what I was looking for. This is definitely going to come in handy some day.

    1. When it comes down US Income tax information, our site provides an opportunity for BOTH US citizens and those who live in other countries, to create a REAL BUSINESS which benifits all!

      Thanks Riaz for your encouragement and please be sure to bookmark our site!

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